The easiest way to securely transmit documents

For secure health data exchange

Use this layout for exchanging documents, e.g. between health professional and patient. You and the recipient just use your health insurance ID and your birth date for securing the communication.

For any secure data exchange

Use this layout for any other communication. It offers you several options for securing the communication.

The easiest secure solution


  • For each and every internet user, no barriers to adoption
  • Works without user registration
  • No apps needed, just a web browser
  • A simple password between sender and recipient is enough
  • Works with E-Mail, WhatsApp and other messaging apps and even SMS

Security and Protection

  • End-to-end secured transmission and storage of data using strong encryption
  • Simple passwords are automatically hardened using the regipost system
  • Hosters or service providers of a regipost solution do not have any access to data
  • Limitations to inputs make potential attacks controllable


  • b2b, b2c, c2c, g2b, ...
  • any sector: healthcare, finance, legal, industry, ..
  • Supports any use case through configuration
  • Duration of data storage according to business need
  • Automated workflow support via Software Development Kit (SDK).

How it works

1. Compose your message

  • Enter your information to allow the recipient to identify you.
  • Enter password information (eg health insurance number or other agreed password).
  • Enter your text message.
  • Add attachments (PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP).

2. Then send the link

Once processed, send the link generated to the recipient. You can send it by ...

  • messenger like WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram or Threema
  • SMS
  • Email

Why security does not need long passwords


Demo video

The video shows a healthcare use case. First you see the sending, then the receiving of a message.

For a personal demo

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